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World-Class Experts
Share Their Strategies to Creating a 
Successful Addiction Recovery Action Plan.

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May 23-27, 2017

Who Is It For & What Will You Learn?

Addicts in Recovery & Those Wishing to Get Sober

You will hear innovative and alternative success strategies to help you find the path to the life you want to be living.

Find your way off of “Hell Island” and into what you truly dream for yourself and your family.

Families with Addiction Recovery Challenges

Very few families are untouched by addiction and the struggle to find peace, love, and a recovery plan that works.

Discover powerful ways to address these moments in life with compassion, kindness, and empathy.

Addiction Professionals

You will acquire new ideas and treatment methods, allowing you to help your clients design a plan that works today.

Find connections with others in the field who share your values to empower those in recovery to find success.

Interested in the World of Addiction?

Addiction does not discriminate. There is a very high likelihood that addiction will directly impact you or your loved ones.

Friends, family, co-workers, fellow students, and others may need your help. Be ready.

Meet The Speakers

Dr. Cali Estes

The Addiction Coach & The Addictions Academy

Dr. Doug Weiss

Heart to Heart Counseling Center

Dr. Vera Tarman

Medical Director, Renascent

Mark G. Astor

Drug and Alcohol Attorneys

Peggy Sweeney

Sweeney Alliance

Don Prince

The First Responders Recovery Coach

Randy Grimes

Intervention Now / Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer

Holland Haiis

Conciously Connecting

Dr. Robb Kelly

Robb Kelly Recovery Group


The Reiki Healer

Boris Schaak

Sober Fitness

Ginger Berkelhamer

Ginger B Coaching & The Addictions Academy

Scott Strode

Phoenix Multisport Sober Active Community

Katie Donovan

A Mother’s Addiction Journey

Dr. Dawson Church

Discover the Power of EFT & Tapping

Sunshine Heldstab

Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs

Paul Churchill

Recovery Elevator & Cafe RE

Dr. Melody Smith

Integrative Counseling & Hypnosis

Dylan Lundgren

Transforming Despair Into Hope

Grant Hanson

Recovery Unplugged

Wes Geer

Rock to Recovery

Dani La Barrie

CEO, Affinity Treatment Solutions

Dr. Arthur Trotzky


Deb Perkins

Acme Ranches Transition Houses

Rob Lohman

Lifted From The Rut

Amanda Ingram

Pawsitive Therapeutic

Schedule of Sessions (Click to Open)

Here’s a quick look at our presentation schedule:

Tuesday, May 23

  • Dr. Cali Estes on Patient Brokering
  • Wes Geer on Music Strategies in Recovery
  • Dr. Melody Smith on Hypnosis
  • Randy Grimes on Athletes in Addiction & Family Recovery Success
  • Peggy Sweeney on Grief and PTSD

Wednesday, May 24

  • Dr. Doug Weiss on Sex & Love Addiction
  • Scott Strode on Sober, Active Communities
  • Dr. Vera Tarman on Sugar Addiction & Treatment
  • Dr. Arthur Trotzky on Online Group Therapy
  • Amanda Ingram on Animal Assisted Treatment
  • Dani La Barrie on Customized Clinical Programming

Thursday, May 25

  • Dr. Robb Kelly on How to Achieve a 98.5% Success Rate
  • Holland Haiis on Screen Addiction & Staying Connected
  • Mark G. Astor on Legal Issues in Recovery
  • ChristineRenee on Reiki & Meditation Healing
  • Don Prince on PTSD & Recovery Coaching for First Responders

Special: Facebook Live Session with Dr. Cali Estes & James Healy – 8:00 pm EST

Friday, May 26

  • Katie Donovan on Family & Parent Recovery Strategies
  • Paul Churchill on Recovery Podcasting & Online Communities
  • Sunshine Heldstab on Limiting Beliefs & Shifting The Mindset
  • Grant Hanson on Recovery Unplugged & Therapy with Music
  • Deb Perkins on Sober Living & Transition Houses

Saturday, May 27

  • Dr. Dawson Chuch on Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Boris Schaak on Sober Fitness
  • Ginger Berkelhamer on Relationships in Recovery
  • Rob Lohman on Intervention & Sober Coaching
  • Dylan Lundgren on Experience Facilitation & Holistic Treatment

As you can see, we’re going to cover a wealth of fascinating topics with some incredible speakers.

Each interview will be available for 48 hours.

Meet Your Host

Hi there, I’m James Healy, welcome to The Addiction Breakthrough Summit!

The entire purpose of the Summit is to help you turn your recovery challenges and failures into successes and freedom from your addiction.

I am a person in long-term recovery and have been able to find a path to a life in sobriety. A life that is fulfilling and vibrant.

I am a Nationally Certified Addictions Recovery Coach and Interventionist. I’m also a best-selling author and I host the BOMBPROOF RECOVERY RADIO podcast.

Would you like to be sober and free?

As a former teacher and mountain guide, I feel compelled to help you draw a “Recovery Guide Map.” A map you can follow to find a path to successful recovery.

The experts I have interviewed for this Summit have nuggets of priceless wisdom to share which will help guide you to the life you truly desire.

Be sure and get your FREE ticket to The Addiction Breakthrough Summit, enter to win some fantastic prizes, and most importantly, become healthy, sober, and free.

How Does It Work?

We’re going to cover a wealth of fascinating topics with some incredible speakers.

Each Session will be available for 48 hours and you will receive a reminder email with a link to the Sessions each day of the Summit.

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